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  • Certified Mail From The “IRS”

    Thursday 01st of September 2011 5:51:57 PM

    This week we have been bombarded with calls from people who have received certified letters from the IRS. Needless to say most people are in a bit of a panic and rightfully so.

    The main questions being asked are.

    1. Why did I get this notice?
    2. Are they going to take my paycheck & wipe out my bank account?
    3. What can I do about this?

    The answer to these questions is straight forward.

    1. You received the final notice to levy because you have either ignored all other IRS notices to contact them or for some reason you did not get them. The certified letter is not the first letter the IRS sends, it’s the final notice before collection actions take place.

    2. The IRS is definitely one of the most powerful collection agencies around. With that said, yes they can levy the funds from your bank account and bank accounts you are attached to. They can also garnish your paycheck and leave you with very little to survive on.

    3. If it has come to the point where you have received a certified letter you need to take immediate action before they start collections. It is highly recommended that you contact a Tax Relief Firm that is experienced with these matters like 911 Tax Relief. It is important that you understand all options and solutions available to you.Another option is call the IRS on your own and attempt to deal with the issue on your own. Bottom line, take action before the IRS does.

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