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  • Directive 144 to Control Identity Tax Refund Fraud

    Monday 01st of October 2012 9:11:42 AM

    Justice Department’s Tax Division and the US Attorneys’ Offices are working together to control the spread of Identity Tax Refund Fraud which already hurt a lot of US taxpayers today.  With the result of audit done early this year by TIGTA, identity theft crimes appeared to be the most frequent consumer complaint, despite the expanded efforts of IRS in detecting and preventing it.

    A clear example of tax identity theft crime is filing for stolen or unlawfully used Social Security numbers in tax returns and tax refund claims.

    J. Russell George of TIGTA noted that “undetected tax refund fraud results in significant unintended federal outlays and has the potential to erode taxpayer confidence in our nation’s system of tax administration.”

    To help out IRS in their fight to control and cease tax identity theft and refund fraud, Directive 144 is due to take effect this October that will last for two years and so. With this new directive, prosecutors in US Attorneys’ Offices handling tax refund identity theft cases are allowed freely (prior authorization from Tax Division is waved)  to open grand jury investigations, to charge criminals who are engaged in such crimes, and to obtain seizure warrants for forfeiture of criminally-derived proceeds.


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