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  • Do You Suspect Tax Fraud?

    Thursday 24th of January 2013 10:41:55 AM

    In the event that you suspect tax fraud there are steps you can take. Be prepared to fill out necessary forms provided by the IRS. The IRS website explains all of this.

    If for instance you know of an individual or business that is not abiding by with the tax law on issue such as:

    • Reporting false documentation
    • Administering bribes
    • Failing to pay taxes
    • Not reporting income
    • Part of organized crime
    • Failing to withhold taxes

    In these cases you can visit and fill out FORM 3949-A and send it to the address listed on the IRS website.

    In this day and age of technology we all worry time to time that our identities remain secure. If you feel that your identity was stolen to obtain a job or for other tax purposes you can fill out FORM 14039.

    Let’s say that the tax preparer has fraudulently reported your taxes, there is a form for this too (FORM 14157).

    There are many different types of tax fraud activity. Don’t let yourself be a victim of activities like this. Prior to having your taxes done by a professional make sure they are reputable. Do yourself a favor and look them up, see who they are. You can even look them up with the Better Business Bureau. Safe guard yourself with information.

    For more information on Suspected Tax Fraud visit

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