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  • Free to File Taxes

    Wednesday 30th of January 2013 10:27:05 AM

    Tax season is finally open! The IRS has announced that today, January 30, 2013 tax payers are free to file their income taxes. But, that’s not all that’s free! Most tax payers are not aware that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made it so that the public can file their taxes for FREE! Yes you heard that right! Now I know some of you may be thinking that since this is coming from the IRS it can’t be true or it’s some scam, well, you are wrong!

    As part as of an agreement the IRS made with “Free File Alliance,” tax preparation software is available for FREE from about 15 different commercial tax software providers including H&R Block and Intuit.

    Now there are some qualifications you must meet to be eligible for the free software and that usually depends on the actual amount of your income. If you made $57,000 or less and your income didn’t change dramatically last year, then yes you may file for free. You can also file for free in 22 states including the District of Columbia. For more information you can visit to see which tax preparation software include Free State returns.

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