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  • Hiring a Trustworthy Tax Resolution Company

    Friday 12th of August 2011 7:09:08 AM

    Let me start by saying not all Tax Resolution companies are Scams. There are a number of honest Tax Resolution Firms available for hire but, how do you know if they area a scam or legitimate.

    Signs if they are a Scam.

    1. Promise or Guarantee results especially if they are talking about settling your tax debt for a specific amount.

    2. Fast talking, using scare tactics, pressuring you to act immediately, deceiving sales tactics and being pushy are signs they are just trying to make a sale and can care less about your issue.

    3. Did they actually take the time to clearly understand your issue, how you got in tax debt, your current financial condition etc. Most of these companies rush through basic questions and follow it with trying to scare you into paying large fees.

    4. Do they have complaints against them, check them out online. Google them!!

    5. Are they knowledgeable about what the IRS resolution options are and how they can relate to you.

    6. Ask them to detail out exactly what they are going to do for their fee. If they give you a vague answer, take your business elsewhere.

    7. Are you being pitched by a sales rep or consulted by someone who knows what they are talking about. Pay attention, sales reps can be slick…

    The above are 7 things to look out for when interviewing Tax Resolution Firms. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t hire them.

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