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  • IRS does NOT have the Power

    Monday 21st of January 2013 11:23:12 AM

    U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled the Internal Revenue Service does NOT have the power to license thousands of tax preparers. This ruling threw out an authoritarian system that the Internal Revenue Service was introducing in phases.

    The Internal Revenue Service had expanded a law that would allow them to regulate people who “advise and assist persons in presenting their cases” before the agency, making the licensing rules void.

    Boasberg said “Filing a tax return would never, in normal usage, be described as ‘presenting a case’.”

    The regulations, supposed to take place over the next several years, mandated that tax return preparers pass an aptitude test and meet the continuing education requirements.

    According to a statement from senior attorney Scott Bullock at the Institute for Justice (a non-profit advocacy group) “Congress never gave the IRS the power to license tax preparers…If the IRS wants this to happen, it has to come from Congress.” Bullock also said that the Internal Revenue Service preserves the right to scrutinize and prosecute tax preparers for violations under existing laws.

    The IRS spokesman Dean Patterson declined to comment on the ruling.

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