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  • IRS Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies

    Monday 29th of August 2011 10:33:56 PM

    Were you aware the IRS can levy bank accounts, work equipment, personal wages, accounts receivables, various investment accounts, attach property (homes cars etc), levy accounts your attached to…. You get the picture! The good news is these levies can be lifted!

    The IRS and or State does not just come in and take your hard earned money or assets without going through a specific process. The process can go something like this.

    • The IRS sends a couple of initial notices, balance letter, demand letters etc.
    • The IRS escalates and sends intent to levy notices.
    • The IRS sends the final notice of intent to levy notice.
    • Periodically a Revenue Officer’s (RO) visits or calls with no success.
    • The IRS and RO issued a bank or asset levy.

    If you have been levied then 1 of 2 things have happened, you have ignored all letters and calls or you failed to meet agreed upon terms or a deadline. However, once a levy has taken effect it often times is devastating to individual and or business finances. Levies tend to be the harshest collection tactics that the IRS & State enforce. However, if the tax debtor acts fast and hires a qualified tax relief firm like 911 Tax Relief , the levies can be reversed

    Bank Levy
    If you’ve received a bank levy, we generally have 21 days to reverse the action and have the funds released to you before the bank remits the funds to the taxing authority.

    Wage Garnishments
    We typically need at least 72 hours to get a wage garnishment released. Most tax issues are very different therefore; some wage garnishments can be more difficult to get released than others. Because of that it is important to act fast! Contact 911 Tax Relief online at or call 1-866-499-1156. 

    Most of the time all Levy actions are avoidable if you reach out to 911 Tax Relief at the first sign of a tax issue. If you are not sure, just call, better safe than sorry…

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