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  • Mary J. Blige Served with $3.4M IRS Tax Lien

    Monday 20th of May 2013 1:44:02 PM

    Yet another celebrity hits the news with money troubles with the Internal Revenue Service! Just recently it was Lauryn Hill in the news for owing the IRS and today it’s Mary J. Blige, a nine time Grammy winner!

    The Internal Revenue Service has contacted the R&B singer with a $3.4 Million tax lien in Bergen County.  This is in addition to a different lien she purportedly owes to New Jersey, where she owns a luxury home in Saddle River. In New Jersey she is reported to owing close to $1 Million.

    The IRS reported that the latest lien was due to unpaid income taxes for the past few years. It has been said that she owes in excess of $600,000!

    If all this IRS trouble wasn’t enough to deal with she was also recently sued by Bank of America in the New York States Supreme Court.  Bank of America declared that Mary J. Blige took out a loan for $500,000 and only repaid it partially. After interests and penalties the singer still owes in $514,000.

    Mary J. Blige and her husband were also sued by Signature Bank in November 2012 for non-payment of a $2.2 million loan!

    Although Mary J. Blige is an accomplished singer she has had some detrimental money problems! Sadly, regardless of her fame, it is all catching up with her!

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