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  • “Offer In Compromise” Is That My Only Option?

    Friday 19th of August 2011 6:09:07 AM

    The Tax Relief term Offer in Compromise “OIC” is thrown around way to lightly. This leads to a very common question that comes up daily, “can you settle my tax debt through an Offer in Compromise”? We believe this is due to mass advertising making it seem like everyone can settle their tax debt for pennies on the dollar. While it is true, many people will qualify for an OIC if you meet the guidelines, the OIC is not your only Tax Relief option. If you have tax issues, there are many options that a qualified tax practitioner can help you determine that fit your specific needs after reviewing your case.

    If we determine the Offer in Compromise is an option for you due to the fact you cannot afford to pay off that tax debt over time. This program can significantly help reduce the total amount you owe, thus eliminating your tax debt once and for all.

    So, what about those of you that do not qualify for the OIC, what do you do? Simple, have one of our tax practitioners spend time with you reviewing the details of your case and determine what options are available to you. The main goal if you are not an OIC candidate is to help you maintain your financial integrity and ultimately negotiate something manageable. This will allow you to be in control of the terms of any type of payment plan. This may not seem as exciting or sexy as an OIC but it is crucial you have all terms negotiated by a professional instead of the IRS dictating unrealistic terms. Often times when people allow the IRS to dictate the terms they are not affordable, leading to a default and eventual bank levies, wage garnishments and or seizure of assets.

    Spend the time understanding your options with one of our Tax Practitioners and take control of your tax issues.

    911 Tax Relief is here for you, call toll free no. 1-866-499-1156 or visit our main website

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