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  • Steps In Resolving Your Tax Debt

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    What’s The Process “Path to Tax Resolution”

    Most clients that make the decision to retain 911 Tax Relief want to know how our involvement will change things and are the changes immediate. The reality is there are many similarities to tax cases but each case does have unique differences. Because of this some tax relief (substantial relief many times) will be immediate and other portions of the tax situation will be handled over time. Our number one focus is this, to get you the best possible results allowed by law. We never guarantee results, that would be unethical, but we will express what we feel the outcome should be based on the facts. IRS problems do not magically appear from one day to the next, nor does resolving most tax issues. However, clients retain us for the peace of mind that their situation is in the process of being resolved so, here is the process.

    Reach out to us

    1. Simply contact us. It’s free to have us consult you and evaluate your tax situation, there’s no obligation to retain our services. It is important to understand your tax resolution options instead of moving forward blindly with uncertainty. Reaching out for help is often the hard part but absolutely necessary.

    Have Your Case Analyzed & Determine Your Options

    2. This is where we dig in and get the details about your unique tax issue. A tax relief professional will consult with you during this important process. Don’t forget, this consultation is on us. Unlike our competitors, we do not have aggressive pushy salespeople trying to scare you into hiring them! The attention to detail we take with each client results in an enjoyable client experience. This process can take 30 minutes to an hour providing we have gathered enough information to properly determine what resolution program fits your needs. In some cases additional communication and information will be needed to complete the evaluation process.

    Retain us & Tax Resolution Process Begins

    3. As soon as your ready to move forward, our team will diligently work towards resolving your tax issue and getting the best possible results with the IRS. Together we will develop a specific strategy for resolving your tax case, we will be advising you on what steps are necessary for the most effective resolution. We do all the heavy lifting and technical work however, it is important to understand this is a team effort, and you are part of the team. Again, we will propose a tax resolution plan to the IRS that is fair and you can live with. Rarely are proposed plans simply accepted, we have to see them through and fight to get them accepted.

    Compliance Check / Case Investigation

    4. This is actually part of #3 Resolution Process. If this has not already been done, we will need to investigate the exact details about your case directly with the IRS. We will see if what you are telling us matches up with what the IRS is telling us. Typically before any tax resolution can be negotiated, you must be in compliance (meaning all your tax filings are current). Individuals that have that are not in compliance and have incomplete records, 911 has specific methods for completing the preparation of tax returns in order to get you into compliance.

    Tax Case Completed / Relationship Continues

    5. Once your tax case is completed it is important that you find yourself in this situation again. Many of our clients choose to continue the relationship with us and have us keep them current by having us file all future taxes. Also, as a continued client, you are free to call anytime with questions or concerns you may have.

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