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  • Stop IRS Collections now – Status 53 or Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

    Thursday 04th of August 2011 2:15:51 AM

    Status 53 or Currently Not Collectible (CNC) is a solid option to Stop IRS Collections.

    Were you aware that the IRS cannot pressure you to agree to an unaffordable payment plan that will prevent you from affording necessary living expenses. Most people are not aware of this and get scared into entering an unaffordable payment plan only to eventually default. If you simply cannot afford to pay the IRS and cover your living expenses, you will likely qualify for Status 53 / Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status.

    Acceptable Living Expenses: National standards calculated by zip codes

    • Rent/Mortgage Payments
    • Food Expenses
    • Utilities
    • Gas/Transportation
    • Medical Bills/Expenses
    • Basic Clothing

    Please note – certain expenses are not recognized by the IRS when evaluating if you qualify. Expenses such as private school tuition, gym memberships, credit card payments and other “luxuries” will not be considered. If your expenses exceed the National Standards and they are justified, you can still qualify.

    Qualifying Factors!

    • Illness in the household has created a financial h
    • You are relying on Social Security or Welfare Income
    • You have become or been unemployed and having trouble finding work

    Status 53 is Temporary (unless your situation does not change)

    If your financial situation changes your tax case will be reactivated.



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