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  • Success with Clients

    Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 10:50:26 AM

    We have helped so many people for the past years.  We wanted to share the top feedback’s that touched our hearts.  Here are a few to read.


    Ted T.
    • Ted T.
    • Winnetka, CA

    Dealing with taxes is never pleasant and the longer you wait the worst it gets. That said I was hesitant  to trust anybody then I found these guys they sold me on being professional and their customer service. They really came to my rescue. Would recommend them to everyone!

    Christina M.
    • Christina M.
    • La Crescenta-Montrose, CA

    My husband and I were in serious need of tax debt relief and 911 Tax Relief truly came to the rescue!  We were in debt about $75,000 and after 911 Tax Relief took on our case we settled with the IRS for only $1,500!!! Can you believe that?  I know I thought it was too good to be true!  I will forever be indebted to 911 Tax Relief and their awesome, friendly employees for helping me through this tough time!
    Needless to say I recommend their services to anyone with tax debt!

    Rene D.
    • Rene D.
    • Pasadena, CA

    This company was referred to me by my Real Estate attorney; and he was right. Excellent service, knowledgeable reps; and very reasonable prices. If you need any help with ANY PART of your taxes / BACK TAXES; this is the place to contact. I also understand they are country wide.

    Tim P.
    • Tim P.
    • Houston, TX

    Man was I scared. Not only was I behind & owed everyone, the economy was tanked too & I became utterly hopeless – I knew I was in trouble – the enormity of it overwhelmed me. Literally. It was making me physically ill.
    Enter 911 Tax Relief – how appropriate a name! They knew were I was at. They knew. I was so clueless, not even knowing what questions to ask. And they assured & reassured me that my problems were indeed solvable & that it was ok to breathe. And that a workable plan could be developed….
    Professional. Capable. Knowledgeable. Human. Appreciated.

    Our tax experts have many years of experience dealing with the IRS. We have helped plenty of clients with their tax problems. We can provide you with professional, aggressive representation in dealing with the IRS to help you solve your tax problems! Call toll free 1-866-499-1156 Mon-Fri 6am-6pm to speak to one of our professional tax experts and get a FREE evaluation so we can better serve your tax relief needs.

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