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  • Surviving The “IRS Blues”

    Thursday 18th of August 2011 11:41:07 PM

    Several times a week I find myself “talking clients off a cliff”, because they have what we call “The IRS Blues”.

    Now, Take a Deep Breath…..

    It is not uncommon for taxpayers to just throw in the towel and walk away from everything. I have seeing people leave husbands or wives, jobs, family, friends even their own children. They lose all hope and disappear from what they once called their life. Change their name, move far away or out of the country, get a new social security number, essentially a new life. Wow, what a price to pay for not understanding you have options and rights as a tax payer. Others stay and fight, but both are trying to escape the collection machine of the IRS. Yes dealing with the IRS alone can be brutal for some and lead you to experiencing The IRS Blues.

    The first thing to remember is this, desperate situations don’t mean you need to resort to desperate measures. What is does mean is move quickly and seek help in order to relieve this burden so you can get on with every day life.

    911 Tax Relief understands the stress of dealing with an IRS issue and is hear to hold your hand, listens to your troubles, help you understand your options, start resolving the problem and let you get back to living. We do all the heavy lifting but your minimal involvement throughout the process is important.
    We charge a fair fee for great service and peace of mind. Helping cure The IRS Blues.

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