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  • Payroll Companies Busted!

    Wednesday 17th of July 2013 11:48:28 AM


    Most US employers subcontract payroll and associated tax responsibilities to intermediary payers such as payroll service suppliers.  If the company that is being outsourced is trustworthy they can help employers tremendously by collecting and consigning payroll taxes (on behalf of the employer) in a judicious manner.

    Most of these third-party payroll companies generally provide good and on time service however, lately there has been a number of these payroll companies that have been prosecuted for pilfering the funds planned to pay payroll taxes.

    If you are concerned about protecting you and your business against crimes like this you may visit the IRS website for more information. You can also see a list of successfully prosecuted payroll companies here.

  • CEOs Are Seeking For Congress Action Against Fiscal Cliff

    Thursday 18th of October 2012 3:34:10 PM


    The president of Business Roundtable (BRT) John Engler shared his sentiments over the apprehension in fiscal cliff. During his speech for Detroit Economic Club, he urged the Congress to find an immediate solution to the coming expiration of tax incentives and the eventual tax rate increase on January 2013 that could affect individuals and businesses.

    According to the Congressional Budget Office, fiscal cliff could bring the United States back into the peril of recession due on the first half of 2013. Joining forces to the expiration of tax provisions is the automatic spending cuts determined by the Budget Control Act.

    Engler beckoned that the expiration of tax provisions and automatic spending cuts “are causing chaos” based from BRT’s most recent quarterly CEO survey. The result shows that the in 10 years, 3rd largest drop for the expectations of hiring, capital investment and sales will happen.