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  • Highway Use Tax Coming Up

    Monday 26th of August 2013 11:33:50 AM


    If you are a the owner/operator for a commercial vehicle weighing greater than 55,000 lbs then you should know by now that the Highway Use Tax is due on September 3.   This gives tax payers an additional 3 days to pay the tax.  Normally it would have been due on August 31 but since that falls on a Saturday the IRS has allowed for an additional 3 day extension with no penalty.

    The form to be used in this case is FORM 2290.  Although tax payers have the option to manually fill out the form and mail it in, the IRS encourages tax payers to submit it electronically.  Also, if you are reporting more than 25 vehicles at once it is mandatory that you do e-file.

    To read more about this story visit the IRS at,-Highway-Use-Tax-Return-Due-Sept.-3

  • IRS Issues Reminder To Victims of Boston Marathon Explosions

    Thursday 11th of July 2013 4:31:11 PM


    To those US tax payers that were affected by the Boston Marathon Explosions a reminder is issued from the IRS that you have until Monday, July 15, to file and pay your US income taxes.

    If you should need additional time you may file for an extension with Form 4868 and you must pay your taxes by October 15, 2013 with .

    Keep in mind that regardless of the reason for the extension that penalties may accrue on your tax liability.  To read more about this story you may visit the IRS website.

  • Tips for Common Tax Issues

    Monday 08th of July 2013 3:29:18 PM

    • Did you miss the April 15 deadline to turn in your taxes?  The IRS has all kinds of tips in the event that this occurs, you can read more HERE.
    • If you are looking for Summer Tax Tips you can visit the IRS website or click here.
    • Do you feel like you are victim of identity theft?  The IRS can help you here
    • If you need help filing your US taxes while traveling abroad please click here.
    • Forgot your Electronic Filing Pin? Get help here.

  • Goodbye DOMA, Hello Tax Refund!

    Friday 28th of June 2013 10:44:34 AM


    This week has been monumental for same sex marriages with the abolition of DOMA ( Defense of Marriage Act). The federal government will now recognize same sex marriage as well as welcome the unions to joint taxes, retirement, estate and employee benefits.

    Due to the ruling finding DOMA unconstitutional gay/lesbian couples may now take another look at their already filed tax returns. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling same sex couples might have the opportunity to amend their US tax returns, provided they live in states that recognize same sex marriages! That means that nearly 100,000 tax returns may need to be amended!

    Same sex couples are waiting for guidance from the IRS. They are looking for answers as to how to proceed.  Currently the IRS defines a married couple as “husband and wife.”  There is question as to whether that term will be adjusted due to the legalization of same sex marriages.

    See More….


    USA Today

    CS Monitor

  • The IRS Can Increase Collections By Reducing the Time Between Balance Due Notices

    Tuesday 08th of November 2011 11:32:02 PM


    WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could potentially collect additional revenue each year by reducing the time elapsed between notices it sends to taxpayers who owe taxes, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) concluded in a report publicly released today.

    The IRS sends a series of balance due notices to taxpayers with unpaid tax liabilities. TIGTA determined that the first notice was the most effective notice by a wide margin because the first notice closed the most cases, collected the most money, and generated the most taxpayer responses.

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  • IRS Wage Garnishment “What Do You Do”

    Wednesday 21st of September 2011 10:40:14 PM


    2nd – Read this blog and contact us or another reputable firm.

    Having an active IRS Wage Garnishment can be devastating financially and emotionally. Our firm 911 Tax Relief deals with individuals and businesses weekly that ask us “how can I get out of this terrible situation”.

    Although there is not a one size fits all answer to that question, the basic answer is this. Let’s talk about your tax issue, so we can better understand why the IRS is garnishing you (your husband or both).

    You see, without completely understanding what is going on and why the IRS has taken such aggressive action, it is difficult to figure out the best solution. Once we discuss your tax situation with you, we will know exactly what is needed for us to negotiate with the IRS and get the garnishment lifted.

    In most cases after our initial conversation we can move quickly and have and order to stop the garnishment in your employers hand within 72 hours. The main thing to remember is you need to take action immediately, the longer you wait the more difficult it can become to lift a wage garnishment.

    Also keep in mind, if you have tax years that have not been filed, we are going to need to file those ASAP to get you into compliance so be prepared.

    Finally, if you have not yet been garnished but have a notice of garnishment. Pick up the phone and call us 1-866-499-1156 or send us a message directly from our website

    We are here to answer your questions and help any way possible.

  • Tax Relief For Wildfire Victims

    Tuesday 20th of September 2011 6:11:44 PM


    Due to the devastating fires in Texas there are many counties that have been declared disaster areas. The IRS has recognized this and because of it is offering some tax relief. Here is the link to the article in the Austin Chronicle.

  • IRS Offer in Compromise Options

    Wednesday 14th of September 2011 8:15:32 PM


    Many people with IRS tax debts will qualify for some type of settlement, the offer in compromise may be a fit for you if you meet the guidelines.

    The IRS Offer in Compromise program provide qualified taxpayers who owe the IRS more than they could ever afford the chance to pay a small amount as a full and final settlement.

    These OIC programs can also offer taxpayers who don’t agree that they actually owe the taxes in the first place the chance to file a specific type of Offer in Compromise for reconsideration and elimination of those tax liabilities.

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  • Currently No Collectible – Status 53 – “The Process”

    Wednesday 14th of September 2011 8:10:45 PM


    We outlined the basics of the process for putting together a request for Status 53. As always, it is important you understand the process but we feel a tax professional is essential in getting the best results.

    The Process – Should be done with the assistance of a professional with experience in this area.

    Complete the form 433-F with all relevant information. This document needs to be done perfect, very important.

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  • IRS Wage Garnishments – You Have Rights!

    Thursday 04th of August 2011 1:53:28 AM


    Would you be able to live off of $179 per week if the IRS garnishes your wages?

    Wage Garnishments are scary and can be devastating both financially and emotionally, that’s why you need to understand what you can do to stop or prevent wage garnishments and bank levies.

    Pay Attention.

    Now, it is important to note that before the IRS can garnish your wages they are required to notify the taxpayer of their future actions against you by sending the taxpayer a series of IRS collections letters, these are not love letters. The letters the IRS sends are Notices of Intent to Levy on Wages leading to the final which is the Final Notice of Intent to Levy Wages. If or when you receive this letter, things are about to get bad if you don’t take immediate action.

    If you have received any of these IRS letters (or already getting garnished) it is in your best interest to figure out what your options are immediately so you can take the necessary steps to stop or release a IRS Wage Garnishment. Keep in mind, if you have a business they can levy your account receivables as well. Thinking about what to do is not a good option here, taking action is a must. Being proactive makes it easier to prevent & cure IRS collection actions. Normally, you will receive the final Notice of Intent to Levy by certified mail, never good to receive certified mail from the IRS.

    So, if you do not take action when you receive the first collections letter, the IRS sends additional letters leading to the IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy on Wages. This letter is serious and demands IMMEDIATE attention or the IRS WILL garnish your wages, AGAIN THE IRS WILL GARNISH YOUR WAGES AND OR LEVY BANK ACCOUNTS . Again, scary stuff but it can all be dealt with if you understand your rights as a tax payer.

    A couple of additional things to keep in mind if you have a tax issue or looking to prevent a tax issue. It is not illegal to owe the IRS however, it is illegal not to file. Being identified as a non-filer with the IRS is very serious. Remember, even if you are going to owe money and cannot pay it, still file your taxes.

    Do not face your tax issues without understanding your rights and the options available to you. Navigating a tax issue can be a very slippery slope, knowledge is power.

    911 Tax Relief understands how to lift and prevent collection action. If you have questions, talk to one of our tax practitioners today.

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