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  • Payroll Companies Busted!

    Wednesday 17th of July 2013 11:48:28 AM


    Most US employers subcontract payroll and associated tax responsibilities to intermediary payers such as payroll service suppliers.  If the company that is being outsourced is trustworthy they can help employers tremendously by collecting and consigning payroll taxes (on behalf of the employer) in a judicious manner.

    Most of these third-party payroll companies generally provide good and on time service however, lately there has been a number of these payroll companies that have been prosecuted for pilfering the funds planned to pay payroll taxes.

    If you are concerned about protecting you and your business against crimes like this you may visit the IRS website for more information. You can also see a list of successfully prosecuted payroll companies here.

  • Tips for Common Tax Issues

    Monday 08th of July 2013 3:29:18 PM

    • Did you miss the April 15 deadline to turn in your taxes?  The IRS has all kinds of tips in the event that this occurs, you can read more HERE.
    • If you are looking for Summer Tax Tips you can visit the IRS website or click here.
    • Do you feel like you are victim of identity theft?  The IRS can help you here
    • If you need help filing your US taxes while traveling abroad please click here.
    • Forgot your Electronic Filing Pin? Get help here.

  • Goodbye DOMA, Hello Tax Refund!

    Friday 28th of June 2013 10:44:34 AM


    This week has been monumental for same sex marriages with the abolition of DOMA ( Defense of Marriage Act). The federal government will now recognize same sex marriage as well as welcome the unions to joint taxes, retirement, estate and employee benefits.

    Due to the ruling finding DOMA unconstitutional gay/lesbian couples may now take another look at their already filed tax returns. Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling same sex couples might have the opportunity to amend their US tax returns, provided they live in states that recognize same sex marriages! That means that nearly 100,000 tax returns may need to be amended!

    Same sex couples are waiting for guidance from the IRS. They are looking for answers as to how to proceed.  Currently the IRS defines a married couple as “husband and wife.”  There is question as to whether that term will be adjusted due to the legalization of same sex marriages.

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  • Update on Bush Tax Cuts

    Friday 12th of October 2012 4:53:27 PM


    Obama’s tax plan to expire the Bush tax cuts for top earners in 2013 opened a lot of controversies in the country. Talks about this issue crossed the doors of Republican and Democrat as it is now a national concern.

    The Bush tax cuts helped a lot of taxpayers in facing the economic crisis. This tax cut became an additional way for taxpayers to settle their difficulties in paying their taxes besides aiming for IRS tax relief. even defined Bush tax cuts as a temporary income tax relief that lowers federal income tax rate, capital gains tax, rate on dividend income; decreases marriage penalty; increases child tax credit; eliminates estate tax, phase out on personal exemptions for higher income taxpayer, and itemized deductions.

    However, since Bush tax cuts run temporarily, it is still bound to end. With Obama’s plan to expire it by next year, many are not in favor due to the occurrence of higher taxes leading to the slowdown of economic growth and stiff work incentives. On the other hand those who want to end Bush tax cuts, see it as way to provide for the government’s massive budget deficits brought by the recession.





  • Launches New Site Design and Affiliate Program

    Monday 08th of October 2012 5:55:37 PM


    Glendale, Ca. October version 2.0 answered the intensions of this tax mediation and resolution company in providing helpful, fast, user-friendly, and comprehensive tax services online for its U.S. based clientele. The website will serve as their front-liner in educating their clients through news, updates, blogs, and live chat services on how they can easily help with IRS tax debt relief.    

    In the website, a lot of tax issues are being tackled to cite examples on how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will access and act in their tax situation. Abiding with IRS policies can be very difficult especially when finances are piling up. Time can also get in a way when processing documents and dealing with the IRS.

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  • In Focus – Enrolled Agents

    Saturday 29th of September 2012 1:59:28 PM


    In finding assistance for obtaining tax relief, one should know the competence of an agency, company or professional that will help him in the process. Tax representation companies have their own set of experts that can help their client acquire its anticipated tax debt relief and one of them is the EA’s or Enrolled Agents.

    An Enrolled Agent is a federal authorized tax practitioner who can represent taxpayers before the IRS. EA’s have the capability to represent US taxpayers in all administrative levels of IRS. Currently, there are about 48,000 practicing EA’s in the United States according to National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).


    EA’s usually works for a tax representation company like who has a wide professional network that can help EA’s to better deal with the IRS especially with state tax issues. is a good standing member of National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), a nonprofit professional association dedicated to excellence in taxation. NATP was formed to serve professionals who work in all areas of tax practice including practitioners, enrolled agents, accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and financial planners.