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  • 911 Tax Relief Releases NEW National Commercial!

    Friday 23rd of August 2013 10:34:07 AM


    911 Tax Relief Releases NEW National Commercial!

    You can view the new commercial HERE!

    As always 911 Tax Relief has helped clients save millions of dollars on IRS and State tax debt.  You can get a FREE tax debt evaluation by calling 1-866-499-1156 or visiting!

  • IRS Postpones Another Furlough Day

    Wednesday 14th of August 2013 9:48:48 AM


    The originally scheduled furlough day for August 30 has now been postponed, according to IRS officials.  The postponement is a direct result of the successful budget cuts that the IRS has implemented.

    There may be other furlough days, that will be decided after the IRS reviews their current budget situations before the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

    All IRS operations will in fact run as scheduled.  This includes both offices and toll free help lines.

    For more information on this matter and other IRS news please visit;-Will-Reevaluate-Need-for-Furlough-Day-in-September

  • Beware of Fake IRS Websites

    Thursday 25th of July 2013 10:56:18 AM


    With tax and identification fraud on the rise, the IRS issues warnings to be cautious of fictitious IRS websites.  Apparently there are quite a number of website wannabes that are solely in place to steal taxpayer information.  These phony websites have been known to be apart of tax scams to collect vital information such as social security numbers along with addresses and other financial information. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these scams.

    The actual website for the IRS is .  There is no .com, .net, or .gov.  Please use caution when submitting any personal information to any site.

    You can visit for more information about phishing.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances Equal Tax Credit

    Monday 15th of July 2013 10:52:15 AM


    Did you know that you can receive a tax credit directly from the IRS for having energy efficient appliances?  The tax credit applies to energy efficient dishwashers, clothes washers, and refrigerators manufactured after December 31, 2010.  You may claim a credit for each individual appliance.

    Tax credits range from $25 to $225 but there are certain stipulations and limits.

    You can read more about this and other IRS issues here.

  • Safeguard Your Tax Returns

    Saturday 06th of October 2012 5:52:52 PM


    Not many are aware that safeguarding their tax returns is a way to avoid income tax debt.  Here are some examples on how it can be done:

    1. Comparing your pay stubs with your W-2 can avoid discrepancy in your tax return.
    2. Keeping a record of your tax filing forms and other important document used in tax returns for at least 3 years will save you in IRS tax audit. » Read More

  • Today’s Tax Reminder

    Wednesday 03rd of October 2012 3:15:10 PM


    October 3 was set by the IRS as the date for small businesses to deposit their Sept 26-28 payroll taxes payment following the semiweekly deposit rule.

    Included in the payroll taxes are Social Security/Medicare payments and other income tax withholding specified in the Form W-4.

    In the “look back period” of the semi-weekly rule, the total payroll taxes should be more than $50,000 if not, monthly deposit rule applies.

    If still unsure about the process, you can seek for the assistance of the IRS or in matters concerning tax returns particularly payroll tax problems.

  • Directive 144 to Control Identity Tax Refund Fraud

    Monday 01st of October 2012 9:11:42 AM


    Justice Department’s Tax Division and the US Attorneys’ Offices are working together to control the spread of Identity Tax Refund Fraud which already hurt a lot of US taxpayers today.  With the result of audit done early this year by TIGTA, identity theft crimes appeared to be the most frequent consumer complaint, despite the expanded efforts of IRS in detecting and preventing it.

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  • Basics of Form 944

    Monday 24th of September 2012 4:22:20 PM


    The Form 944 is an option given to employers by the IRS to file their tax returns once a year. This type of federal tax return form was designed for the convenience of both the IRS by not having to process a number of tax returns yearly; and for the small businesses by not having to file their tax returns quarterly.

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  • Deadline for the Filing of 2011 Tax Return

    Wednesday 19th of September 2012 2:14:06 PM


    The deadline for filing the last year’s tax return is fast approaching, as few weeks from now, to be exact on October 15, 2012, Monday is the IRS set date to collect 2011 tax returns.

    IRS also redesigned their Forms & Pubs page of their website to further assist taxpayers in filing their tax returns. They redesigned the page in such a way that tax forms, instructions and other useful publications can be downloaded easily. Notice that they also laid down in the webpage the commonly used forms and classified it according to its purpose. See