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  • Beware of Fake IRS Websites

    Thursday 25th of July 2013 10:56:18 AM


    With tax and identification fraud on the rise, the IRS issues warnings to be cautious of fictitious IRS websites.  Apparently there are quite a number of website wannabes that are solely in place to steal taxpayer information.  These phony websites have been known to be apart of tax scams to collect vital information such as social security numbers along with addresses and other financial information. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these scams.

    The actual website for the IRS is .  There is no .com, .net, or .gov.  Please use caution when submitting any personal information to any site.

    You can visit for more information about phishing.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances Equal Tax Credit

    Monday 15th of July 2013 10:52:15 AM


    Did you know that you can receive a tax credit directly from the IRS for having energy efficient appliances?  The tax credit applies to energy efficient dishwashers, clothes washers, and refrigerators manufactured after December 31, 2010.  You may claim a credit for each individual appliance.

    Tax credits range from $25 to $225 but there are certain stipulations and limits.

    You can read more about this and other IRS issues here.

  • The IRS Can Increase Collections By Reducing the Time Between Balance Due Notices

    Tuesday 08th of November 2011 11:32:02 PM


    WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could potentially collect additional revenue each year by reducing the time elapsed between notices it sends to taxpayers who owe taxes, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) concluded in a report publicly released today.

    The IRS sends a series of balance due notices to taxpayers with unpaid tax liabilities. TIGTA determined that the first notice was the most effective notice by a wide margin because the first notice closed the most cases, collected the most money, and generated the most taxpayer responses.

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  • Don’t Fall Prey to Tax Scams – IRS Tax Tips

    Monday 07th of November 2011 4:38:08 PM


    Annually, the IRS classify a list of common tax scams called the “dirty dozen.” The IRS attempts to educate taxpayers about the scams that can end up causing them great financial harm and future stress. The list will serve as their reminders for their taxpayers to be very careful in handling their own tax return. Be guided with an old saying – “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

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  • High Dollar Cases Are Going to the Field: Meaning More Scrutiny, Aggressive Collections and Quicker Resolution

    Wednesday 02nd of November 2011 6:00:05 PM


    This is HUGE news, Beginning, October 1st (yes it has already begun), the IRS is transferring all cases that were previously handled by the “High Dollar Unit” to local Revenue Officers out in the field. High Dollar cases are tax problems with more than $100,000 owed. You can expect an Army of very ambitious Revenue Officers to start aggressively collecting and make a name for themselves.
    So, the Offer in Compromise cases that were handled locally are now going back to the central Offer in Compromise units in Memphis and New York. The Army of IRS agents that handled these cases locally will now be assigned to the infamous High Dollar cases going out to local offices around the country. Again, this is a game changer and we can expect a lot of new activity.
    Essentially, the High Dollar Unit and the OIC Unit switched jobs. Now the High Dollar Unit cases are going to be handled locally in the field by Revenue Officers in offices close to where you live, scary. You can be certain about one thing, these cases are going to be handled swiftly and scrutinized more than ever. One positive is for clients that hire 911Tax Relief, we will be dealing directly with a person locally and have the opportunity to show the human side of the case that can make all the difference in the world.

  • Truckers With Back Taxes & Unfiled Tax Returns

    Wednesday 28th of September 2011 9:06:40 PM


    We get this a lot around here, Truckers contacting us because they owe back taxes, have unfiled tax returns or both. Local drivers, over the road drivers, owner operators, lease drivers you name it, we deal with it.

    For some reason, a large portion of our business is from truckers. Lot’s of referrals from other truckers or they just happen to talk to us and a few other firms and feel more comfortable with us. Either way, we understand the issues a trucker can run into and are on your side. 911 Tax Relief is definitely “Pro Trucker.”

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  • October 17th 2011 Tax Filing Deadline

    Thursday 22nd of September 2011 7:22:23 PM


    So, did you miss the April 2011 tax filing deadline? Did you feel your taxes were too complicated or maybe you are going to owe the IRS money? Or, did you simply procrastinate and now the October deadline is here? Regardless of the circumstances or reason the deadline is coming up FAST.

    Here are some VERY IMPORTANT reasons to file your taxes by the 17th.

    * If you don’t file by October 17th you are at risk of incurring Penalties, Late Fees, and Interest Charges (which can be substantial) because you Missed the Deadline

    * Filing your taxes can be easy –Even if you don’t have all your documents ready you can contact us here at 911 Tax Relief and we will help manage this process for a timely return or use a reputable software system. If filing on your own make sure you clearly understand all the guidelines and deductions you qualify for.

    * We can E-file for you making the process seamless, but keep in mind that the IRS shuts off the ability to e-file your 2010 tax return after October 17th so you have to e-file before the deadline to take advantage of all the benefits.

    * Importance of using a tax professional – Doing your taxes on your own even if you are using tax software you may MISS Tax Deductions and Credits you can greatly benefit from–

    * What if you have a refund and did not expect to – Many clients we talk to did not know they actually were going to get a refund. However, after we maximized allowable deductions, low and behold they owed less or got a refund.

    * You owe the IRS, now what do you do – IF after you file your taxes you find out you owe them money, don’t panic. That is what we are here for, if you owe money we will figure out the best options for you.


  • Currently No Collectible – Status 53 – “The Process”

    Wednesday 14th of September 2011 8:10:45 PM


    We outlined the basics of the process for putting together a request for Status 53. As always, it is important you understand the process but we feel a tax professional is essential in getting the best results.

    The Process – Should be done with the assistance of a professional with experience in this area.

    Complete the form 433-F with all relevant information. This document needs to be done perfect, very important.

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  • IRS Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies

    Monday 29th of August 2011 10:33:56 PM


    Were you aware the IRS can levy bank accounts, work equipment, personal wages, accounts receivables, various investment accounts, attach property (homes cars etc), levy accounts your attached to…. You get the picture! The good news is these levies can be lifted!

    The IRS and or State does not just come in and take your hard earned money or assets without going through a specific process. The process can go something like this.

    • The IRS sends a couple of initial notices, balance letter, demand letters etc.
    • The IRS escalates and sends intent to levy notices.
    • The IRS sends the final notice of intent to levy notice.
    • Periodically a Revenue Officer’s (RO) visits or calls with no success.
    • The IRS and RO issued a bank or asset levy.

    If you have been levied then 1 of 2 things have happened, you have ignored all letters and calls or you failed to meet agreed upon terms or a deadline. However, once a levy has taken effect it often times is devastating to individual and or business finances. Levies tend to be the harshest collection tactics that the IRS & State enforce. However, if the tax debtor acts fast and hires a qualified tax relief firm like 911 Tax Relief , the levies can be reversed

    Bank Levy
    If you’ve received a bank levy, we generally have 21 days to reverse the action and have the funds released to you before the bank remits the funds to the taxing authority.

    Wage Garnishments
    We typically need at least 72 hours to get a wage garnishment released. Most tax issues are very different therefore; some wage garnishments can be more difficult to get released than others. Because of that it is important to act fast! Contact 911 Tax Relief online at or call 1-866-499-1156. 

    Most of the time all Levy actions are avoidable if you reach out to 911 Tax Relief at the first sign of a tax issue. If you are not sure, just call, better safe than sorry…

  • Do you know how to deal with IRS problems?

    Wednesday 24th of August 2011 8:07:50 PM


    A great subject of discussion.

    Most people say no, not really, or I think I do but the IRS is kind of scary!!

    So, even if you think you know exactly what you are doing when it comes to dealing with the IRS and back taxes, it does not hurt to consult a tax practitioner. 911 Tax Relief is very good at looking at, identifying and analyzing the small details that tend to get overlooked. We talk to lot’s of people that have tried to do it themselves, some have had some success while many end up frustrated or in a worse situation.

    Dealing with a tax issue is not just as simple as filling out forms. It is all about creating a strategy and anticipating the “what if” factors. If you find yourself in that situation where you need some help, contact us at 911 Tax Relief  toll free no. 1-866-499-1156.

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