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  • Tax Debt – “Straight Talk”

    Thursday 04th of August 2011 7:03:27 PM

    OK, what do you do if you owe back taxes to the IRS and or have unfiled tax returns?

    Deal with it head on!

    The biggest problem we encounter with potential clients is the fact that they have ignored their tax issue and neglected to attempt to resolve it. Which in many cases has led to pending or current collection actions like wage garnishments, bank accounts being wiped out and seizure of assets. All of which can be avoided if action was taken.

    Keep in mind, if you address a pending tax issue in the 11th hour by hiring a firm to represent you, you are going to pay a lot extra to get represented. Now, if you are proactive and deal with this issue head on in a timely fashion, there will be fees, but a fraction of what they will be if collection actions are in motion.

    There is a solution to just about every type of tax problem, but tax problems do not get resolved without taking action. Also, you may be surprised at how reasonable the fees can be to resolve your issue.

    Bottom line, if you have a tax issue talk to us or another reputable tax firm and figure out your options. The longer you wait, the more it may cost you in the long run.

    So, like I said before “Deal with it Head on” – No short cuts when you have a tax issue.

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