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  • Tax Resolution – Do You Need A Tax Attorney

    Monday 15th of August 2011 5:58:30 AM

    One of the most common questions we encounter daily is, do I need a Tax Attorney. Mainly due in part by companies advertising, you need a Tax Attorney to assist when you have a tax problem.

    The reality is NO, most people with tax problems DO NOT need to get a Tax Attorney involved when resolving their tax issue. Let me repeat that NO!

    Many firms brag about having their team of Tax Attorneys resolve your issue. When in reality, the Tax Attorney’s name is all over the paperwork but most of the work is done by support staff, not the Attorney. However, because their technically is an Attorney involved, your fees are high, which is expected because an “Attorney is Involved”.

    First of all, the vast majority of tax issues can be handled by a staff of well trained tax professionals which include Enrolled Agents,  CPA’s and CTEC’s, that are assigned to specific pieces of the case. Resolving a tax issue is typically a team effort performed by tax resolution professionals that specialize in tax controversy work. For the most part, when a Tax Attorney is involved, the resolution results are the same but you will likely find yourself paying 2-3 times more because an Attorney is in the mix.

    Make no mistake about it, Tax Attorneys are very important when it comes to many tax matters but the fact is most tax resolution problems do not have an absolute need for a Tax Attorney. Knowing when to use a Tax Attorney is the key, not just saying, a Tax Attorney will be involved in order to justify higher fees and falsely impress potential clients.

    Remember, do not get convinced you need a Tax Attorney to handle a tax problem, this can be a very expensive experience.

    The majority of people with tax issues that are seeking assistance, most tax issues are civil matters, our firm has the ability to represent you before the administrative levels of the IRS. On the other hand A Tax Attorney is highly recommended if you have been visited by a criminal agent from the IRS.

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