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  • Tax Toubles 101!

    Tuesday 02nd of August 2011 11:43:46 PM

    So, if you have a tax issue with the IRS, State or both you are not alone. In fact 1 in 10 people have a tax problem in the United States today. The most important thing I always tell my clients is to take a deep breath, there is a solution for all tax issues. Now, the solution will vary, there is not a cookie cutter solution for all. Many things need to be considered when dealing with a tax problem and here at 911 Tax Relief, we take the time to get the details before explaining your options.

    The main thing to remember if you find yourself in trouble with the IRS, State or both is to not freak out and start talking to a tax representation firm immediately. The absolute worst thing you can do is ignore the issue, this will only lead to aggressive collection actions.

    The first step in resolving a tax issue with the IRS / State is to understand what your options are and the possible consequences for not dealing with it. Too many times I have clients frantically calling me because they have procrastinated dealing with their tax issues and now they are suffering the consequences. Their bank account was just levied, they are getting garnished, a revenue officer showed up to their job etc. All of these issues are 100% avoidable if you do the responsible thing and deal with the problem. You might be surprised what you qualify for.

    You have the right to representation however, it is up to you to exercise your rights. Taxes are very complicated, confusing and technical, this is why it makes sense to consult a tax representation firm.

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