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  • Truckers With Back Taxes & Unfiled Tax Returns

    Wednesday 28th of September 2011 9:06:40 PM

    We get this a lot around here, Truckers contacting us because they owe back taxes, have unfiled tax returns or both. Local drivers, over the road drivers, owner operators, lease drivers you name it, we deal with it.

    For some reason, a large portion of our business is from truckers. Lot’s of referrals from other truckers or they just happen to talk to us and a few other firms and feel more comfortable with us. Either way, we understand the issues a trucker can run into and are on your side. 911 Tax Relief is definitely “Pro Trucker.”

    So, like I tell all my prospective trucker clients the main thing we need to do is “do something right away”. As you are well aware of time has a way of slipping away and before you know it, six months have past. From my experience those who call us and do not commit right away usually call us weeks or months later and the tax situation has gotten worse. The IRS or state is now garnishing wages, levied banks accounts, seized assets, revoked licenses etc. All of which could have been avoided if they would have taken action.

    Yes, every tax debt issue is different and 911 Tax Relief understands that. However, there is one thing all tax debts have in common, they need to be dealt with. That is what 911 Tax Relief is here for. We are here to determine what are the best options for your specific tax debt and come up with a game plan to resolve the tax debt. Please note, if you have unfiled tax returns it is even more crucial that you allow 911 Tax Relief to represent you immediately. You see, it is not illegal to owe but it is illegal not to file. Also, if you are receiving collection letters, it is time to move your feet and get some help with your tax debt.

    So, if you have a tax debt issue that needs to be looked at, do not wait, call us today for free tax case review and be ready to take action. Picking up the phone is half the battle, call us at 866-499-1156 or visit our website

    We look forward to assisting you, drive safe.

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