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  • Whistleblower Paid $38 Million

    Thursday 01st of November 2012 6:49:19 PM

    After 4 years of investigation, the IRS pays $38 million to an anonymous whistleblower for helping retrieve somewhere between $127 million to $254 million dollars in corporate taxes.    This case has been the second largest payout to any whistleblower from the IRS.  The largest payout was in the amount of $104 million to Mr. Bradley C. Birkenfeld, a former employee at UBS (Switzerland’s largest bank).

    The anonymous whistleblower was represented by Scott Knott of The Ferraro Law Firm. Mr. Knott would not divulge the identity of either their client nor that of the company that was involved.  Although, we know that the company is amongst one of the Fortune 500 companies in the country.

    The IRS is careful to keep the anonymity of corporate whistleblowers, meaning that he/she was most probably employed (and still maybe) by the company turned in during the four years it took to process the claim by the IRS.

    It is unclear to determine exactly how much the IRS has recovered. According to the IRS’s protocol on how much a whistleblower can be awarded it is likely that the IRS collected upwards of $250 million, thus making the award about 15 to 30 percent of total funds retrieved.

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